Use a 20 Question Format to Be Successful With Audio Interviews

Would a “twenty question” format be successful with interviewing experts? I think it’s a great idea that will result in a successful interview. 

A common format in magazines is to ask the same 20 questions of each celebrity or expert. This format appears very popular and well received, and I think it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Let’s say you are going to interview 20 copywriters, and you are a copywriter too, that will make it easy. So you have 20 different copywriters and you have done another interview with someone else on copywriting and you have all those questions from the interview already.  You can just put them on a piece of paper and it would be my basic questions so you can get any other copywriter and ask them the same exact questions. No need to make new questions for every different expert, you have them already all done and ready.

I think that would be a nice product because hopefully the questions you’ve asked are good, quality questions and you have really worked hard to do your research or even done an Ask campaign to get the questions that people who want to break into the copywriting business want to know . Why bother writing new questions when you have already put the time and effort into great questions on the topic.  Now people get to hear the same great questions asked, and see multiple perspectives on it.

So asking those same questions to 20 other copywriters I think that would be great and very easy and less work for the interviewer.

Can You Market Audio Interviews Without a List?

As I have said before, list building is the way to go in marketing. But I’m also going to say, another best way to market is joint ventures, hands down. You don’t have to have a list and you don’t have to be an expert. If you can be the guy who just can do the interview and you can secure the rights to the interview, and if you can take that interview to someone who does have a list, but doesn’t have any marketing, you are set.

You’ve got an interview, you’ve got a tool that sells, that you want to hope it sells, if you’ve done it right and you’ve done your research and you take your time with it you’ll have a good audio interview that will sell either an expertise or a product or a service, that is valuable. It’s like a winning sales letter. What’s a winning sales letter worth? You know, in a huge market.

I mean if you have a large market on something and if you have a sales letter that sells a product and every time you put it on the Internet or every time you mailed it and you tested it, it makes money for you, it’s like a money printing machine.

Well, the same thing a good audio interview is like that. It’s a valuable asset that you can turn off and turn on anytime you need it. I’ve got an interview on my site, it’s an interview with a cold calling expert and I was able to negotiate a good joint venture proposal with him and I went the extra mile to do this interview with him for free and this has been going on for about five years, maybe five years I’ve had this audio on my site and just for some reason and first of all it’s a very hot topic; cold calling within the sales field.

A lot of people on the phone want to learn how to cold call and he’s a very good marketer so once I generate the lead through that audio recording that plays on my site, it gets downloaded on my site, that is seen on YouTube, seen on Facebook, seen on iTunes and its’ seen out there and the intellectual property that I control and it’s a little money machine and it just refers them over to their affiliate deal, that keeps track of everything.

That is really the easiest thing and I don’t have to ship a product and all I have to do is that one interview, one time, edit it, get it done right, set up an affiliate deal and you want to make sure you can trust the person and you want to make sure you can control the flow of that lead that you generate because you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in creating that audio recording, that sales piece and you want to make sure you’re paid on that.

There are methods that I teach  how to do that and it’s very important. Every single audio recording is valuable.

Fastest Way to Get Started Doing Audio Interviews

You don’t need to spend money to get started doing audio interviewing. You can actually interview someone and get it recorded for free. If you have access to a telephone in a public library, you may need a few quarters to make those phone calls but I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Let’s say you want to do an interview, and you don’t have a computer at home. You can go to any public library, and you can go to Google and set yourself up an email account.

Then, you’re going to get your email, and then you’re going to think of, “Well, who can I interview?” Let’s say you want to talk to an expert on copywriting. You can either use the phone and pick up the phone and call them to ask, or you can email them through your email account over at the library.

Now, you want to record the interview. You can use a service for free Conference Calls, They do have a recording option where you press star-nine, and it can be recorded, or you can both record on your own ends.

If you absolutely had no money, you could record the call through a free service like this. They will send you the digital version of your conference call, so when you set up your conference call and you have your expert and they say, “Yes, I’d be willing to do an interview,” you do the recording. You have them meet you on the conference call.

When you register with them, they will give you a call in number. You’ll do the call. You’ll record the interview, and then you will have a recorded audio.

Now, you don’t have it edited yet, but there’s actually free editing software.

How do you make money with this? Let’s say this person who wanted to do the audio recording didn’t have any money. He could approach that expert, and he can make a couple different options. He could say, “Why don’t we do this interview, and then you can give this audio away to your list.” When you do the interview, you want to have an ulterior motive.

So, in the audio, let’s say you’re interviewing about copywriting, but he sells a copywriting course. So, you would make an agreement that this copywriter would take this interview, and distribute it to his mailing list through email or physical mail, and that audio is designed to sell his copywriting product.

Since you took the time to produce the interview with him, you negotiate a percentage of sales, or you can have your expert sell the recording to his list.

So, let’s say it’s a content interview. You do the interview with him. You provide him the audio, and you say, “Okay, you’re going to promote and sell this to your list,” and you guys could split the profits.

Now, another way is you could negotiate the rights to the interview 100%, and if you have the rights to it, you could take that audio and you can sell it to anyone. If you sign up for that copywriters affiliate program, that little interview, if it’s done right and it’s captivating and compelling and generates sales, it could be a little money machine for you.

So, that’s how you can do it one hundred percent free. The quality may not be as good, but it is definitely doable, a hundred percent free. All you need is your phone and a computer from the library.